pandora’s notes

If you happen to check out my Twitter feed on occasion, you know that I’ve recently begun working my way through all the notes from last year’s yearlong road trip. It’s a mighty undertaking, to be sure.

But even though I’ve only made it through the Chicago Chapters, I already have a great list of specific tips, insights, and methods I’ve retrieved from those notes. And that list will only grow in the days to come.

This blog (and the book) have always been places to share what I’ve learned – I never, ever want to keep it all to myself. Yet most of the time, those thoughts have been collation and synopsis, bringing things together in categories and themes. Hopefully it’s been helpful.

But it’s always been my hope to share some of the “nitty-gritty,” too. So now, on occasion, you’ll get to see more of the “raw material” gained from the trip. Those posts will most likely be short, but with a simple method or idea that could just light a bulb in your head (or a fire in your belly), just like I got to experience all across the country.

Now that I’ve reopened all those notes, they’re proving to be Pandora’s Notes indeed. As the unruly swarm of solid ideas now buzzes freely, look for me to corral many of those thoughts right here in the coming months.


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