happy independence day

Hope you have a phenomenal day!

As for me and my house, my family doesn’t have any special July 4th traditions. I enjoy fireworks in the same way I like Pop Rocks – they’re pretty awesome when you get a chance to experience ’em, but I don’t go out of my way to make that happen. But when I hear them, in the sky or in the mouth, respectively, I come running to take a look!

I think my metaphor broke down in there somewhere.

But wherever you’re doing fireworks, I hope they have humongous shapes or make it all the way to the moon or somethin’. And if they have sparklers, I hope your name is short enough to write in smoke before it fades away – more like “Ben” and less like “Chrysanthemum.”

If you want something collegiate to pray for today while you’re enjoying your fam, remember our college students, home for the summer, hanging with family. Not all of them have great family situations – “fireworks” of another kind – and others will see immediate and extended family this summer who they would love to have spiritual conversations with!

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