the new work: discerning our plan

As I messaged to everyone in the Facebook group last week, I’m working on a new endeavor for the fall!

This project focuses on one of the most neglected areas in college ministry – strategic development of churches’ collegiate impact. My hope is to spend the Fall Semester helping a handful of churches strategize their College Student Plan – however big or small, normal or unique, simple or complex each Plan needs to be.

While my proposal presently focuses on the Dallas area (since that’s where I am at the moment), I am honestly open to considering any location where a handful of churches would be willing to try this for five months. I would be bringing my national research to bear on the local experience, and I can’t imagine anything more fun!

Primarily, this endeavor will be a great fit for churches that have struggled finding long-term success in this area or don’t have anything for college students at all. But this may also fit some churches that already have something going; in those cases, I would be determining areas where the College Student Plan could be expanded, changed, or otherwise improved.

The entire proposal can be found at

SO as I get ready for this new project, I would love for your prayers, your interest, and your help! If I’m going to do this in the Fall Semester, I need to start by early August, so time is VERY short.

If you do wanna help, please think about any contacts you might have – in the Dallas area or otherwise – that might be interested in what I’m doing. You can send this info on to them, or let me know. I would also love any thoughts you have on the project itself.

Meanwhile, don’t worry – this project doesn’t mean I’m any less interested in continuing to research and encourage the other branches of college ministry (campus-based ministry and Christian college chaplaincy). I’ll continue to do that! Plus, this is a short-term project, only planned for the Fall Semester, and much of what I’ll be exploring should be applicable and helpful for all of us! (Importantly, one of my key considerations with each church will be examining what is already happening in ministry on each campus.)

To learn more about the general idea of the “College Student Plan,” see the final chapter of Reaching the Campus Tribes – specifically page 98 and following.

I appreciate you guys and look forward to this newest adventure. As with every project, my overarching goal is to help develop our field. Thanks for being a part of that cause.

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  1. aaron

    praying for you, Ben. I just received your most recent facebook message about this and decided to re-read your plan. Excited to hear how this continues to unfold!


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