every reason i needed to know for college ministry i learned from Transformers 2

As you may have seen via Facebook or Twitter, I wasn’t a huge fan of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. But for what it’s worth, watching the original Transformers movie (which I like) immediately beforehand AND watching the sequel opening night at midnight both improved my experience.

(If you’ll remember, I encouraged as much just last week. Hopefully some other summer films in that list will be better!)

But I did notice something, being a college minister and all: Transformers 2 is heavy on good reasons for investing in college ministry! So here’s the (mostly tongue-in-cheek) list:

(no vital plot spoilers here, but don’t read if you don’t want to know anything about the movie)

12 Reasons We Need College Ministry, as Revealed by Transformers 2

  1. Students need help dealing with the relationships they’ve left at home (e.g., parents, favorite cars, and Megan-Foxes).
  2. Parents need help letting go of their students.
  3. The party scene.
  4. The computer-geek-conspiracist scene.
  5. Crazy roommates (e.g., kitten-calendar magnates, mentally unstable room-trashers).
  6. Aggressive hotties!
  7. Aggressive bullies!
  8. Pompous professors (who look like that one guy on that one show…).
  9. Know-it-all classmates.
  10. The dangers and opportunities of traveling abroad.
  11. Co-ed dorms!
  12. College freshmen might just turn out to be heroes – they just need help (from awesome robots or senior adult robots or college ministers) to get there!

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