why reach the campus tribes? (a resource for us)

As I’ve been preparing for my newest Exploring College Ministry Project, an unexpected byproduct has been produced.

And don’t worry, this is no industrial waste byproduct, but actually something that could be really helpful for spreading the word about the IMPORTANCE of ministry to college students.

Here’s the resource:

Why Reach the Campus Tribes?

If it looks familiar, it should! This is the bootleg version, the black-market version, the pirated-to-the-max version of Reaching the Campus Tribes

Actually, it’s just an abridged version. What I’ve done is repackaged chapters 5 & 6 of the book, along with the “Conclusion and Vision Trip” – the three parts that talk most clearly about why reaching college students is vital, helpful, and practical.

This way, we can introduce others to this theme even if they’re not willing (yet) to read an entire book about college ministry. So although the original book is a very quick read, this newest book – Why Reach the Campus Tribes? – is even smaller, with about 40 pages (and plenty of pictures!). So it’s a perfect intro for parents, pastors, college ministry supporters, youth pastors, church members, and others who need to know what we already know – that college ministry really matters!

As with the full book, Why Reach? is free – and sharing is encouraged! Send it, print it, Facebook it, blog it, Twitter it, read it… and help our field!

Get it at www.reachingthecampustribes.com/why. Or for a shorter URL, you can use http://bit.ly/whyreach

You’re right – we are now officially friends. :) Facebook makes the world go ’round!This is all in response to your email – hope it’s okay that I moved it to Facebook…

It has been quite a week – I keep getting semi-sick, which is a big pain. I think my body’s just catching up from all the road-tripping – it was pretty taxing this time around. But I’m also needing to get stuff done…

I’ve been working on my next project – it’s going to be interesting. I’m looking for some churches to let me strategize their ministry to college students. If you wanna check it out, it’s at http://www.collegestudentplan.com. We’ll see if God wants to bring this together, but I know I’m supposed to try!

Thanks for the low-down on your life! That’s interesting about the differences between grad and undergrad – but I’m a collegiate nerd. I’m glad you still get to be around those undergrads still. I would miss them, too.

I think that even old people can go to Schlitterbahn. But that’s just my opinion! Do you really mean that some of your first cousins are SIXTY? That’s pretty crazy. Do you have a billion cousins?

Either way, I hope you have a fun time in my state! I appreciate the thought of the shoes+swimsuit. That does seem very California – I appreciate y’all’s pragmatism out there. :)

I didn’t get to go to New Braunfels, but I’m sure I’ll be back down there sometime. I have gotten to go to something at T-Bar-M Ranch recently; that’s down thataway. It’s been a long time since Schlitterbahning, but since I keep mentioning it, I’m growing in my hope to go back.

I was indeed on another official trip at NACCAP – in fact, it’s a big part of the reason I was on the trip! This time around, I had something I spoke at in Nashville in early May (a college ministry conference), and then the NACCAP thing. So I had to decide… would I take two road trips to roughly the same part of the country, back-to-back? Or would I take one BIG trip?

I took one big trip.

Glad you made it home safe and sound. I didn’t realize that you were on another official road trip when I met you. I assumed incorrectly, obviously. So, tell me more about these road trips of yours. You’ve peaked my interest… What motivated you to embark upon them? Which campuses are doing the most creative things and what are they doing? In what areas have you worked in college ministry previously? What jobs did you like best? I’m assuming you plan to stay in college ministry for the future… I’d love to hear more.


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