I’ve been rather under-the-weather off-and-on since returning from Road Trip 11. It’s a pain, but I think my body is recuperating.

So I’m mostly taking today off from the blog, but there are a few big things coming on the blog I figured I could highlight even in my sickly stupor:

Jimmy Fallon & the Millennials

I’ve been paying attention to Jimmy Fallon’s helming of Late Night, and the expectations for it to aim squarely for Millennials have, as far as I can tell, held true. I’m going to take some posts in coming days to let Fallon serve as a primer for Millennial understanding. Of course, aiming for Millennials is really all college ministers have the option to do at the moment.

I’m still no super-expert on generational exegesis, so I hope you’ll chime in with additions, clarifications, rebuttals, etc.

Themes from the Trip

The aforementioned Road Trip 11 had several interesting themes rise to the surface, and I want to explore those. While some things I noticed in those six weeks were probably just blips on the radar, others reflect true trends working their way through college ministry at the moment.

The Big Big News

I should be announcing that new big project next week. So stay tuned for that!

Catch ya’ later. Hopefully I’ll be 100% soon enough.

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