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Where do all the 4-year college students go so they can get English II out of the way?

Where do all the parents send their kiddos to save big bucks?

What colleges are hoppin’ while all the rest are virtually ghost towns?

My buddy Mark Warrington reminded me this week of “where the action is” during the summer months – Community Colleges! (For Angelinos, that’s “City Colleges” for you.) While many other campuses truly are quite dead right now, you might see thousands of students congregating at your local Community College(s).

This week’s Fridea is to explore your options with local Community Colleges – regardless of which branch of college ministry you’re in (Christian college staff, church-based, or campus-based). (If you’re already serving at a Community College, then YOUR Fridea is at the bottom of this post.)

Here are some thoughts:

  • If you have summer students you’re ministering to, what if you did some of your ministry at one of those campuses? It seems like that could waken their hearts missionally, while also possibly giving you a chance to minister to some students from that school.
  • What if you started a summer Bible study at one of those campuses? This could be for those who normally attend, those who are just home for the summer, or both! (Students home for the summer often face a ridiculous gap during this time – this is a chance to fill that gap, for one thing.)
  • What if you joined – even just as a helper – with a ministry that’s already serving there? College ministries at Community Colleges are certainly not in the spotlight enough, and they need some lovin’ – especially if they’re keeping up the pace during these months when many of us a slowing down…
  • What if you did a one-time Random Act of Service at a Community College? A one-time social event? Evangelism? Free lunch?
  • What if you offered a seminar or Bible study on successfully transitioning to a 4-Year School?
  • What if you just put up posters offering to help connect students to ministries at whatever 4-year campuses they’re headed to?
  • …and since some are probably headed to your campus, what if you began recruiting to your ministry – or even ministering directly – right now, even while they’re still at the Community College?
  • What if you spent some time considering a longer-term outreach at the college? Summer is a great time for prayer walking, for meeting with present ministers, for meeting with administration-types, and otherwise exegeting that context.

And if you are already serving at a Community College, then here’s your Fridea for this week:

  • Teach the rest of us some ways we can support what you do this summer – or even year-round!

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