the coming project

A preview of my next big project, and how to make sure you stay updated (since some of it will be semi-secret):

Within the next week (and hopefully in the next few days), I’ll be unveiling the next Collegiate Ministry Development project. (The first “project” resulting from the road trips was authoring Reaching the Campus Tribes.)

Below, I write some vague points about the upcoming project (sorry I can’t tell more just yet), then some ways to pray, then the main way to stay updated (since I won’t be able to blog everything about the project for awhile).

Thanks for joining in all my adventures, friends; if this one works out, it’s going to be pretty fun!

Four key points:

  1. This project connects directly with my experiences during the last two years of ministry exploration around the U.S.
  2. This project very specifically aims to improve one key (and particularly difficult) area of college ministry.
  3. This project can also bear fruit for other areas (besides the focus area), because it emphasizes what I believe is a key college ministry principle.
  4. Unlike the creation of Reaching the Campus Tribes, this project requires active participation from others. So I continue to wait to see if God will actually bring this to fruition. I just know I’m supposed to try.

That being said, I would like to ask for your prayers:

  1. Please pray for wisdom as I prepare a proposal that will go to potential participants. (Lots of Ps in that request.)
  2. Pray for the right groups to get involved (if indeed God desires for this to go forward). I probably need at least 4-5 groups to get involved, but greater interest would be much better.

Finally, the main way to get the full scoop on this project is to become a member of the Facebook group (at least temporarily!). I want to reveal some “behind the scenes” details, a way YOU can help, and “big picture” reasons for attempting this new project. But – at least for awhile – that won’t be posted publicly.

So if you’re interested, make sure you join the group as soon as possible; a message will hopefully go out over the weekend with details! Click here to go to the group, or just search Facebook for Exploring College Ministry with Benson. Remember, you need to join the group (not just look at the page) so you’ll get that message.

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