movies & ministry: summer 2009

If you’re looking for an easy-greasy social activity for your college ministry this summer, there’s always going to the movies! Here’s an update on some potential summer superstars for your college ministry calendar.

Of course, movies can also be helpful discussion-starters, emotion-provokers, and issue-revealers.

But this isn’t that sort of movie list. This is more for the “hangin’ out” portion of your summer (although I do mention a couple of potential discussion-starters at the bottom). The best of those kinds of important films can be hard to spot before they’re released, but I’ll keep an eye out – and I’d love to hear if you have any suggestions this summer.

Meanwhile, you can always check out all the upcoming summer movies for yourself!

(Obviously, be wise about movies. One man’s treasure is another minister’s trashy.)

Wednesday, June 24th: Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

This one is coming out next week, so you’d better get with it! There should be midnight showings Tuesday night just about everywhere. (C’mon, you can do it!) And if you feel the need to dress up (please don’t feel the need to dress up), a few cereal boxes on your arms should do the trick.

Wednesday, July 1st: Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs

I’ve never seen the Ice Age movies, but this one offers you the chance to watch two prequels before the new one arrives.

Friday, August 7th: G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra

This vintage extravaganza may be best suited to Guys’ Night (although sometimes those kinds of movies are the best co-ed movies of all!).

In case you do need a simultaneous Gals’ Night movie, Julie & Julia comes out the same night. I don’t know much about it, but Amy Adams and Meryl Streep are cool, and it’s about cooking a bunch of recipes or something.

Two more movies I noticed: Paper Heart (Aug. 7th in limited release), Post Grad (Aug. 21st)

The former is a “semi-documentary” about what comprises “true love,” co-stars Michael Cera, and is rated PG. So, interesting potential for collegiate discussion-fodder there. There’s a good description of the movie and the cool trailer here.

The latter movie (Post Grad) is actually a biography of our college students, it seems:

Ryden Malby (Bledel) had a plan. Do well in high school, thereby receiving a great college scholarship. Now that she’s finally graduated, it’s time for her to find a gorgeous loft apartment and land her dream job at the city’s best publishing house. But … Ryden is forced to move back to her childhood home. (Read the whole thing here.)

Since we college ministers haven’t been doing such a great job helping students transition out of college, maybe Hollywood has to help us out… (Ouch.)

Bonus tip: Regarding Transformers 2 and Ice Age 3, I have personally found great fellowshippy success in convening to watch a movie’s prequel(s) prior to the release of the newest film! Not only does that add to the fun, it ratchets up the good-memories-value. The most famous of those experiences among my students was watching the semi-ridiculous Superman and Superman II before the new one came out a few years ago. A few adventurous types also watched Rocky-through-Rocky-V before an opening night showing of Rocky Balboa (and it was definitely, definitely worth it)!


So there’s a list of some upcoming movies for your ministry enjoyment! And you can check out the full list of upcoming summer movies here.

So now you know. And knowing is half the battle.

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