spiritual sabbaticals

It kinda continues to amaze me that church after church and campus-based ministry after campus-based ministry let the summer lie fallow for the college students they love.

Not all students face the summertime’s prevalent Collegiate Attention Gap – plenty make it to Crusade’s Summer Projects, Kanakuk Kamps leadership, two months overseas. Some – a few – even have an amazing local college ministry experience. When they do experience any of these things, students seem to end up radically – radically – impacted. Or, at the very least, I imagine they’ve often kept the growth-trajectory built into them in the spring semester.

I really can’t imagine why we’re particularly comfy shepherding students for only 8 months or so each year. Right in the middle of this “hinge” time of life, we subject an awful lot of college students to spiritual sabbatical for a third of the year.

As with any need, every ministry has to decide where this fits and when to fix this in their particular case. But shouldn’t we, as a field, get to fixing this?

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