passing the baton well

Last week, I posted the outline from my recent seminar for Christian high school guidance counselors. The last part of that talk looked at three ways to help high school graduates find good college ministries and succeed spiritually in that world.

We all know that the Transition to college is not going well for bunches of Christian youth. These points are applicable for anyone “sending” high school graduates into college – youth ministers, parents, high school counselors, pastors, and others who want our youth to succeed spiritually. So feel free to share them!


1. Prepare students directly

Help high school seniors and recent graduates know the importance of finding strong college ministry and church communities – and finding them quickly.

In fact, encourage students to begin working on this early, before they go to college.

Classmates and other friends attending the same school should work on this together, even if they end up in different ministries eventually. Students should also talk about potential communities with people who are already attending the school.

2. Clue others in to the importance of a good transition

If you’re someone who is spending time thinking about helping students transition well, it’s pretty important to realize that you’re in the MINORITY. Isn’t that a bummer?

So one of the things we all need to do is help others see this great need. This includes pastors, parents, youth pastors, high school counselors, and so on.

Very few people in Christian high schoolers’ lives are thinking about helping them transition well to college in relevant, concrete ways. We have to work to change that! This should be something everyone focuses on!

3. Bring others in to help prepare students

Use groups like CPYU’s College Transition Initiative to explain the scene, the needs, and the ways to prepare.

Give college-transition or staying-strong-in-college books to students (and to those who love them).

Bring in college ministers to share their wisdom with students. (If you’re a college minister, look for these kinds of opportunities, locally or otherwise.)

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