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One of my greatest joys from all this traveling and connecting has been the chance to point college ministers and their ministries to resources, people, and other ministries that will provide some sort of benefit.

It’s a little overwhelming to realize that I have connected personally with probably 400+ college ministers in the last two years. And they come from many regions, many circles, and all three branches of college ministry – the kind of breadth I have felt is needed to get a handle on what’s truly going on in this profession.

But the chance to suggest profitable connections has been popping up more and more, whether with outside groups needing to get their heads wrapped around the world of college ministry, or with local college ministers who just might benefit from some like-minded collaboration. It’s something I can offer from my weird set of circumstances!

Need to work on training your students in living out their vocation Christianly? “Talk to the local CCO minister, since that’s a pillar of what they do,” I might say. (I did say this twice recently.)

Wondering how college ministry is supposed to look with multiple campuses? My response might be, “I know some college ministries in D.C. you should look at,” for example. (I said that on this trip, too.)

Need some academic resources to help grow your understanding of this mighty task before us? “Talk to my seminary professor-friends,” I might encourage – or, “There are some Christian college chaplains you should meet.”

Want a campus that’s similar-but-different from your own for your students to serve on their next mission trip? Or a campus that’s quite different? I can help there, too. I might even have some contacts.

And so on. And so on. And so on.

One of the best things I get to do these days is help people find what they need in the wide, wide world of college ministry. I don’t know everything; I certainly haven’t explored every area or exegeted every possible context. Some connections will be secondhand or “I think I heard” or “Let me get back to you.” And I won’t be afraid to say, “I don’t know.”

But if I can help in this way (or any other!), let me help you. That’s why I take these trips!

Written from the Duncan house, Champaign, IL

Road Trip #11 update (Day 42)
yesterday’s T-shirt: the Norse tribe of Northern Kentucky University

plans: headed into Springfield, Missouri, today, via St. Louis. We’ll see if God wants to throw in any fun wrinkles.
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