more unlikely allies

High school counselors are not the only group of unlikely allies I ran into this week.

College admissions people are another.

This week, a campus minister told me that the admissions office at his secular school asked for the low-down on campus religious opportunities. When recruiters talk to high school students, they want to know what’s available for future collegians in this important area!

Who else in the whole world spends all their time thinking about helping high school kids transition into your college? So these are people on the front lines of connecting with future collegians, and they’re all about hyping the opportunities available on campus. And these admissions folks seem to walk pretty hand-in-hand with some students, even all the way to the finish line of actually arriving at school.

What could you do to help them do that better? Tips on what’s available from the spiritual community would be one way. And don’t just mention the ministries, but specifics: free lunches, worship services, rides to church, international student activities, Greek activities, fellowship events…

What about publishing (even with some other ministries) a “New Student Guide for the Spiritual Freshman”? Or offering to talk personally to any Christian student who’s thinking about attending your school – but isn’t sure? Or preparing student-centric campus maps that admissions people can get to the incomings?

The truth is, even getting admissions people to mention the possibility of connecting with a ministry and/or church plants a seed in students’ mind – perhaps even a year or more before we have access to those future freshmen. That’s a huge step all by itself. And building even better bridges with your admissions staff may lead to seeing those students primed and ready to plug in once they arrive.

Written from the Duncan house, Champaign, IL

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