unlikely allies

After spending a week with ladies and gentlemen at the NACCAP conference, something I’m realizing:

Who may be the only adult in many students’ lives strategically and specifically thinking about collegiate success?

Their high school guidance counselor.

Think about it – parents and youth pastors may express concern, but how often is it truly concrete? Or knowledgeable? Instead, nebulous: “Be sure to find a church!” or “Don’t forget where you come from!”

Of course, this situation needs to change; we need parents and youth pastors to know and to teach. But in the short-term, we already have some allies in the To-College Transition! (You know, the situation that’s going absolutely terribly right now?)

Not all high school counselors will be interested in adding spiritual success to their preparation-quiver. But some will – and possibly not just those who believe as we do.

They have students’ ears. (Even in the summer.)

They have parents’ ears.

And they know the need for collegiate preparation.

Written from Motel 6, Speedway, Indiana

Road Trip #11 update (Day 40)
yesterday’s T-shirt: the Nittany Lion tribe of Pennsylvania State University (Penn State)

total mileage so far: 5,400 miles
update: I’ll be in Champaign / Urbana this weekend!
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