unique week ahead (and more pertinent than it might appear)

When I first decided to take this trip, it was a result of having two speaking opportunities, about 5 weeks apart, in roughly the same part of the country. (You can view my thinking process here.)

The second of those opportunities is a pretty unique one (at least to me), and it comes up this week.

I’ll be spending Monday through Friday at the national conference of the North American Coalition for Christian Admissions Professionals (NACCAP). Basically, NACCAP is an organization designed for admissions people from Christian colleges to come together. And, in a smart move, they’ve included high school counselors from Christian high schools. (It makes sense that those two groups would want to buddy-up.)

My speaking gig isn’t until later in the week, but I’ll be taking the opportunity (most of the days, at least) to spend time at the conference. Why? Because college ministry learnin’ can take place even when the discussions aren’t specifically about college ministry. We can learn from books like Good to Great; we can learn from missionary biographies; we can (I hope) learn from conferences of admissions people.

But this conference may not be as far afield as it might seem, either. Its attendees certainly connect pretty closely with what we do:

  • Christian College admissions people work alongside Christian College chaplains (one type of college minister)
  • Christian College admissions people recruit college students – and also decide how Spiritual Life is involved in school promotions
  • High school counselors send their students into our world; they, like youth ministers and parents, are passing the baton that we are charged with receiving
  • High school counselors may be the only people in most youth’s lives who are thinking strategically about collegiate success

So am I excited to get to hang out with these guys and gals? To learn from them? Even to share with them about our world, our hopes, our collective college ministry wisdom?

Yeah, this should be neato.

Please pray for me as I prepare my talk – sharing with the high school counselors particularly about the “national college ministry scene.” And please pray that I will both learn and help throughout this week!

Written from Motel 6 in Canton, Ohio

Road Trip #11 update (Day 34)
yesterday’s T-shirt: the Wildcat tribe of University of Arizona
new state: Ohio

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