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Here’s this week’s Fridea, even though it’s Saturday…

Last week in New York City, I had an idea:

What if Apple employees wandered the city, armed with iPhones to help hapless city visitors (like yours truly)? Looking up a location, Googling a point of interest, mapping a route… those may be very basic functions of the iPhone, but they’re the most-needed in that particular situation.

Of course, it wouldn’t hurt iPhone sales, either.

So then I had another idea:

What if your ministry’s students wandered the campus in the first days of school (or during student orientation), armed with campus maps and campus knowledge to help hapless freshmen?

Could your school’s administration get excited about friendly faces ready to help in this way? Especially on a big campus, wouldn’t this be a true, relevant, easy service to many students?

Of course, it wouldn’t hurt your ministry recruitment efforts, either.

Tomorrow Later this week, I’ll play with this idea a little more – “explore the edges,” as it were. [Here’s that post.]

As always, you can see all previous Frideas here.

Written from Boalsburg, PA

Road Trip #11 update (Day 33)
yesterday’s T-shirt: the Tiger tribe of Grambling State
ampus visit: Penn State University
total mileage for this trip: 4,380 miles
click here to see all the explorations from Road Trip #11)


  1. hey benson we have done this at chico state for the past 3 years.

    it honestly works well the first day, and then drops off significantly from there.

    the optimal time is the hour BEFORE the first class on the first day–the faces of the people that want maps is awesome!

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