let us double up

Especially in a world where college ministry is happening far less than it should be

– “less” in the sense of less often and “less” in the sense of less productively

I personally vote for doubling up

rather than guarding our kingdoms or demanding to perform all functions of discipleship ourselves.

So I would encourage churches to minister to homegrown students away at school (even though they might have ministries on that “other end,” too). I would vote for campus-based groups staying connected with students while they’re home during the summer. I think Christian colleges perform a helpful function when they disciple their students well, even while students (hopefully) plug in to local churches. When students are interning or co-oping or taking a gap year or studying abroad, I hope they have one-or-more shepherds, nearby and far away.

This isn’t the same as ministry duplication. Duplication comes when actions and outcomes overlap too much. Multiple shepherds truly complementing each other’s impact seems productive.

And the truth is, like I wrote above, college ministry isn’t happening everywhere as well as it should be. So some of our “doubling up” will actually be the only college ministry a student might be receiving at the moment.

This is tending the flock that’s been entrusted to us

regardless of who “us” is

and regardless of where the flock is roaming today.

Written from the Motel 6 in Colchester, VT (near the University of Vermont in Burlington)

Road Trip #11 update (Day 30)
yesterday’s T-shirt: the Cavalier tribe of Cabrini College
ampus visits: Dartmouth College (#31), University of Vermont (#32)
prayer request: my throat is still hurting, and now I’m getting stuffed up. Please pray that I’d get better… quickly.
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