six weeks of fun (well, four so far)

I finally finished the Road Trip 11 “landing page,” with every discussion, visit, and other exploration from the Road Trip. So if you wanna know the amazing people I’ve connected with, the awesome campuses I’ve seen, and more, check it out at

Bonus: that page has the tentative plans for the rest of the trip, too.

As you know if you’ve followed along, this has been an action-packed road trip. Since I left Dallas on April 28th, this trip has included:

  • 14 states
  • 29 college campus visits
  • over 4 dozen college ministry discussions
  • 13 church visits
  • a couple of speaking / leading opportunities
  • several other explorations


  • There’s a good chance I’ll get to see all 8 Ivy League schools; I’ve seen 6, but the last two could be tricky!
  • The hospitality on this trip has been enormous; for example, last night was only the second night I’ve spent in a motel room
  • I’ve run into two college mission trips along the way (a group from Texas in Boston, and a group from Florida in New York City)
  • I have another speaking opportunity in early June – to a bunch of high school counselors!
  • Twitter has turned out to be a productive way to share my adventures AND find out about new ones
  • I have about two weeks to go!

Written from the Motel 6 in Portland, ME

Road Trip #11 update (Day 29)
T-shirts the last 3 days: the Wildcats tribe of Villanova University, the Flames of Liberty University, and the Corsair tribe of Santa Monica
ampus visits since Friday: Brown University (#26), Harvard University (#27), Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary (#28), University of Southern Maine (#29)
Prayer requests: I’ve had a major sore throat for a few days and desperately need sleep. Hopefully both were helped here last night, but we’ll see.
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