weekend off

Because of Memorial Day weekend, my desperate need to get some down time, and the fact that most colleges just finished up for the school year, I’m going to take the next few days off.

New blog on Tuesday, May 26th!

If you still feel like reading about college ministry, I encourage you to…

  • Read Reaching the Campus Tribes if you haven’t already. (It’s a quick read, and I think you’ll be surprised what can be done in an ebook!)
  • Check out a few blog topics that interest you (in the sidebar on the left).
  • Catch up on recent blogs you might have missed.
  • Keep watching the Twitter feed – I’ll still be twittering this weekend!

For an update on where I’m headed, see the blue part below.

Enjoy your weekend!

Written from Stony Brook, NY

Road Trip 11 update (Day 26)
yesterday’s T-shirt: the Quaker tribe of University of Pennsylvania (Penn)

plans: tentatively, it looks like Boston area through Monday, then on to Northern New England for a couple of days, then Penn State for the second half of the week, then on to Ohio. But we’ll see!
click here to learn more about Road Trip #11)

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