four in a row: find the theme!

See if you can find the theme:

Yesterday morning, I met with Ryan McReynolds, Northeast Regional Director for Operations for Campus Crusade. Among lots of other things, we discussed Cru’s shift to using missional team models in some areas. In those cases, staff members at one developed campus will help establish and develop Crusade “movements” at other nearby campuses.

I ate lunch with Tim Hawkins, officer and past president of National Association of Christian Campus Ministries and Boston-Metro Director of Sojourn Collegiate Ministry. In Sojourn’s unique model of college ministry, they focus exclusively on small groups; a large group gathering would, he feels, simply duplicate what students are getting in church or elsewhere.

Then I sat down with Dan Cho, Executive Director of Veritas Forum. Dan and I discussed their ministry, which is clearly a complementary model. Veritas hopes to catalyze widespread campus change – but they know that they only play one piece in the overall impact of students and campuses.

This morning, I plan to meet with Michael Keller, one of the leaders of Redeemer Presbyterian Church’s City Campus Ministry in New York City. CCM is fully launching this fall and is, according to the web page, “a church-based, college student focused program.” But though CCM church-based, it’s a nontraditional model: “We are affiliated with, and supported by, local churches in New York City, including Redeemer, Emmanuel, and the Village Church . We are also closely connected to Reformed University Fellowship.” I look forward to hearing about this hybrid, multi-church model today.

Do you see a theme?

Three great ministry discussions yesterday (and hopefully one more today), largely concerned with one thing we should all be willing to consider:

Non-traditional college ministry models.

I don’t mean that we need to consider only these models. I mean we need to consider that many new models are almost certainly needed in many places. Maybe your campus is one of those places; maybe it’s not.

But there are people innovating out there, from the tried-and-true Campus Crusade folks to influential churches like Redeemer Presbyterian to strong ministries that will become better and better known – like NACCM and Veritas.

Maybe, just maybe, there’s some innovating that needs to be done where we are, too.


  1. Todd Engstrom

    I don’t know when you’re headed back to Texas, but I’d love the opportunity to share with you about what God is stirring at UT toward a united, missional network of both church and para-church ministries who are strategically working together to reach campus. It sounds like it is right in line with what you are speaking of in this post…

  2. Great! Glad to hear it.

    I’ll be back in Texas in early June – maybe the 10th or so? I’m not sure when I’ll make it to Austin, but hopefully sometime I’ll either get to come down or some group will bring me down.

    Or if you’re in Dallas, let me know.

    Either way, I’m glad y’all are seeing good stuff. I look forward to connecting, for sure.

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