what memories?

Last night I got to hang out with an ol’ buddy from my alma mater, Texas A&M University. Stacey is part of a church plant up here in Boston, and we last got to spend time together during the yearlong road trip; among other things, we joined the crowds at the Red Sox World Series parade and could have easily been trampled to death. Good times.

Stacey and I reminisced last night about the college experience we shared. It was a phenomenal college experience, in large part because it was phenomenally Christian. We spoke of a culture of discipleship, mutual encouragement, radical God-seeking, amazing fellow students, and even the fun that we experienced in that special community.

What memories will students have of your campus ministry? Will two classmates ever meet, in a far-off burger place, and share stories of their mutual experience late into the night? Will they speak oh so fondly of spurring and cleansing and laughter and urgency and growth and impact that took place on your watch?

At present, can you ever imagine two students from your ministry meeting – several years later – and being mutually encouraged as they remembered their impact on your campus? What would it take to get there in your ministry?

Or, even better, what would it take for you and your fellow college ministers to develop a memorably Christian culture?

Is it too much to hope that students will remember these days for the rest of their lives?

Is that too much to aim for?

Written from Hope Fellowship Church, Cambridge, MA

Road Trip #11 update (Day 23):
yesterday’s T-shirt: the Cavalier tribe of University of Virginia

campus visits two days ago: Yale University (#21 of the trip), University of Connecticut (#22)
campus visits yesterday: Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT, #23)
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