glory moments

Two brief glimpses into the glorious moments that college ministry gets to see each and every year.

(And both, incidentally, were surprises – as in, I had no idea the blessing was coming until about an hour before the blessing came.)

  1. I got to attend the surprise going-away party for Jerome, the student worship leader of The Bridge collegiate church plant at UConn. While the fact that he’s transferring wasn’t particularly happy, the clear fellowship shared by church members in this baby-church was. It was an unbelievable honor to get to crash their little party. (And dinner was GOOD.)
  2. In another instance of extreme hospitality, I wound up getting to stay at Hope Fellowship Church here in the Boston area. Hope is an amazing church I’ve had the neat chance to encounter several times since 2004 or so. But while I’m staying in the church, so is a Baptist Student Ministries group from Amarillo College. That means I get to semi-participate in the glories of this group’s mission trip to Boston… and there’s nothing about that statement that isn’t AWESOME.

I don’t always get to see the “guts” of college ministry on these trips, so it’s a good day when I do. Tight-knit bonds and the sadness of students moving on – that is the stuff of college ministry. Rugged mission trips, with sleeping on the floor of a church and exploring Harvard before hanging out an ESL class at MIT – that, too, is the stuff of college ministry.

If you’re a college minister, I hope you know how glorious what you do day-in, day-out is. If not, let me come sit in, and I’ll gladly point it out!

Written from Cambridge, MA

Road Trip #11 update (Day 22 – I realized I was a day off before):
yesterday’s T-shirt: the Blue Hen tribe of the University of Delaware

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