college ministry & vocation: at least a stab

What if every Christian college student had the opportunity and training to make at least a stab at viewing their present training as vocation, as calling, as something that can be – and indeed should be – sacred? What if each student in our campus ministries heard that their future jobs and present educations were more than just “work” – if they grasped the value and purpose and culture-shaping and Kingdom-spreading available here?

“Vocation” and its connection to college students has been one of this trip’s major themes so far, so I’ll probably explore this further in days to come. I’m still thinking it through myself.

But this I know: so far, few of us have placed a major emphasis on helping students get their minds around vocation. What if they simply had the chance, while they were in college, even to tinker with the notion of God’s brilliance and purposes for their specific field?

And we may find opportunities for vocation-exegesis beyond stabs and tinkers, too.

Written from outside New Haven, CT

Road Trip #11 update (Day 20):
yesterday’s T-shirt: the Buffalo tribe of University of Colorado (with plenty of Cardinal hoodie-wearing around cold NYC)

campus visit: Hunter College, New York City, NY (#20)
next step: heading toward Boston!
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  1. Ben,

    We often make this statement to our students:

    “Our concern isn’t so much with what you want to be when you grow up…our concern is with what KIND of (doctor, teacher, etc.) do you want to be.”

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