your seat (or tweet) on the road trip is waiting

Update: You can catch my live notes from New York City church visits today at!

Is it overspiritualizing to say that I’ve found Twitter to be yet one more avenue for God’s Providence?

I hope not, ’cause I have (but I don’t want to be too cheesy about it).

After three weeks of Twittering, it’s already proved to be both phenomenally helpful and phenomenally fun at points along this northeastern trek.

I connected with a great guy – Guy, actually, is his name – solely because of Twitter; he’s the University Minister at Belmont University. At this past week’s conference, I had the opportunity to pass on a hello to staff members from North Park University from their official Twitter people (after I Tweeted that I had seen them). I’ve gotten to see people mention my book on Twitter. And churches have responded to me directly after I mentioned the church in a Tweet.

I’ve begun following many college ministers around the U.S. who Twitter. I love watching as they live out this call to college ministry that we all share.

I’ve asked questions via Twitter – like suggestions for college ministries to contact in Princeton, or NYC churches to visit. And I’ve gotten some helpful responses (speedily, too!).

Those following me on Twitter have seen campus pictures, received some quick insights from the Summit collegiate conference two weeks ago and this week’s Young Adult conference, and discovered with me last night that I’d been using fabric softener instead of detergent… In other words, Twitter is a chance to share little things – some frivolous, some useful – that might not make it directly into this blog anytime soon. I love that part – at long last, people get to take these road trips “with” me.

So I’ve really enjoyed it. As I’ve noted before, you don’t have to be signed up with Twitter to enjoy many of the benefits. For instance, you can see all my recent Tweets at It’s that simple.

And this week is a good time to check it out, because I’ll be Twittering away at my New York City church visits Sunday and then keeping you posted as I figure out my as-of-yet-unplanned next two weeks.

Why don’t you pull up a Tweet and join me?

Written from my last night in Langhorne, PA

Road Trip #11 update (Day 19):
total trip driving mileage: 2,490 miles
yesterday’s T-shirt: the Kangaroo tribe of University of Missouri – Kansas City

next step: churches in NYC today; then…?
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