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I mentioned earlier this week that the response to Reaching the Campus Tribes, my college ministry book, has already been phenomenal – and in less than a month since the official release!

But I honestly believe that if lots of people find this book – and read it – all of us who serve in college ministry could benefit. In fact, if even some of its ideas find widespread use, EVERYTHING could change!

That’s my prayer & hope for this book. But we’re a long way from being there.

So here are a few thoughts on what YOU could do (whoever you might be) to help share this free book, organized from the least crazy to a little bit braver. Remember the book can be downloaded for free at http://www.reachingthecampustribes.com. And it’s certainly email-able, print-able and copy-able, as well.

  1. Share the book with buddies. Is there anybody you’ve meant to send the book to? Friends, students, fellow campus ministers in your circles? (You know they’ll at least like the pictures, right?)
  2. Go public with your support. Stick something about reachingthecampustribes.com on your Facebook status or Twitter update, and I bet some new people find the book. Blog posts are extremely helpful, too!
  3. Share the book with local college ministers. This takes a little more guts… What if you told every college minister reaching your campus(es) for Jesus about this book? Reaching the Campus Tribes could be a real help within any community of college ministers: for building mutual appreciation, building some level of better cooperation, presenting a common language for your common task, and even just serving as a rallying cry for this amazing work we do. But a rally’s only a rally if others are involved!
  4. Share the book with your church. What if your pastor, your church’s staff, or even the whole congregation had access to Reaching the Campus Tribes? Wouldn’t that encourage them to support college ministry better? Wouldn’t that encourage them to make sure students are well-served? You betcha!
  5. Cast this book upon the waters… Finally, the guerrilla strike! What if you shared this book with people you don’t know – like leaders in your town, presbytery, association, state, or national body? Are there any innovative people who might like thinking big thoughts about reaching college students better? Are there any major opinion leaders who need to think those thoughts, whether they’d enjoy it or not? Would it help create change if 20 copies from 20 people (even if they’re strangers) showed up on a leader’s e-doorstep?

God may choose for this book to spread widely, or He may have other plans. But I encourage you to think about helping others enjoy it this week! While I’ll be walking through those steps myself, your word will actually mean more than mine; a recommendation from a friend (or even a stranger) often means far more than the recommendation from the author himself!

Thanks a bunch for any help you can give!

Written from Princeton Theological Seminary, Princeton, NJ

Road Trip #11 update (Day 18):
yesterday’s T-shirt: the Maui Community College tribe and a polo from the Tiger tribe of LSU

Please be praying for direction for where to go next (after the conference ends this morning)!
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