frideas are back! (today: alumni ministry)

Those who have been following the blog for awhile might remember last summer’s “Frideas” series. Each post contained an idea for individual college ministry improvement. Oftentimes they were pretty crazy (like taking an unplanned mission trip); sometimes they were as simple as ridiculous-gift-sending. Whatever the case, they were designed to offer something to ponder, to copy, or to adapt.

And since they were posted on Fridays, I oh so cleverly named them “Frideas.”

Summer, it seems, is a good time for many college ministers to ponder new ideas. So… the Frideas are back! Even if I can’t post one every Friday, I want to continue to share ideas I come upon that can very practically help us all become better college ministers and grow better college ministries. (You can see all the Frideas posts – including this one – right here. When the page runs out, click “Previous Entries” to go back even further.)

Now for this week’s Fridea, which ties in directly to a ministry conversation I had yesterday!

Fridea: Plan some kind of alumni ministry.

That’s right. I said it.

As if you don’t have enough on your plate already!

But do you really want to continue wondering if… maybe… too many of your former students might be meeting epic FAILs in the year or two after they leave school?

An alumni ministry could work out in many different ways. While some groups will start small, others may be able to go all out in (re)connecting with alumni to help them continue to grow in the “real world.” Yesterday, Blake Altman of Princeton’s Manna Christian Fellowship shared how their ministry stays in touch with alumni and even hosts annual retreats for alumni over MLK, Jr., weekend! Alumni return to campus for fellowship, mutual encouragement, and training in living out their calling. (For a few other ways they help alumni, click here.)

Of course, contextualization, staffing, resources, time, etc., all come into play when deciding to do this. But just like the rest of our ministries, there’s always the potential for finding volunteers, raising support, etc. – and anything connected with alumni might just attract some able bodies / open wallets.

The truth is, college ministry is stinking it up in the area of Transitions-Out. What if you spent a day praying and thinking to see how God might want you to minister to your alumni?

Written from Langhorne, PA

Road Trip #11 update (Day 17):
yesterday’s T-shirt: the Musketeer tribe of Xavier University
(under a UVA hoodie or Memphis polo, mostly)
campus visits: Princeton Theological Seminary (#18) and Princeton University (#19) – they’re not officially connected

Please be praying for direction for where to go next (after the conference ends Saturday morning)!
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