something old and something new

As I’m entering a new mini-phase of Road Trip #11, it’s a good time to take a breather, update you on my next steps, and point out a few things you might find interesting!

something old: reminders of the recent (and not-so-recent)

Regardless of whether you personally Twitter or not, you can see my little observations by going to this page: It’s just like a blog, only with posts in 140 characters or less… Plus, I’m now adding some picture links along the way.

If you haven’t already, I encourage you to check out my recent interview with Center for Parent / Youth Understanding. I got the chance to talk about my yearlong road trip, my recent book, and more. Here’s Part One; here is Part Two.

If you want another synopsis of the big trip, you can still listen to the 19-minute podcast I recorded last summer. (Information and the podcast link are posted here.) As I neared the end of that huge trip, it was a neat opportunity to talk off-the-cuff about what I had experienced!

something new: updates about next steps

Despite the fears I twittered earlier this week, I was able to get a spot at Princeton Seminary’s Emerging Adulthood Conference. It lasts from this afternoon through Saturday morning, and I’m actually going to commute from Langhorne, PA, where I’ve been staying already – which is surprisingly only 20ish miles away. So that works out nicely, and I don’t have to repack my Pathfinder just yet.

The conference should be interesting. The discussion of collegiate and young adult development, psychology, and sociology will be helpful. I’m also guessing that the crowd will be largely from mainline Protestantism – although we’ll see how accurate that guess actually is. So that will allow me a window into a stream of collegiate work I don’t usually get to explore.

I’ve also got a couple of interviews with local Princeton college ministers lined up, and I’m hoping to connect with more while I’m over there this week!

and next steps further?

Lastly, I’m approaching a real “hinge” for this trip. After Saturday morning, my calendar is completely unplanned. I probably have at least 2 weeks remaining up here in the Northeast. But my locations and explorations during that time are, at present… undetermined.

If you get the chance, pray for direction and wisdom. God will provide it, and foggy-futures are very common during these trips. So I look forward to seeing – and enjoying – the next steps He plans to reveal.

Written from Langhorne, PA

Road Trip #11 update (Day 16):
yesterday’s T-shirt: the Lobos of University of New Mexico

new campus visit: Philadelphia Biblical University (#17)
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