principles for campus ministry brainstorming

To finish up (for now) the thoughts I shared at the National Collegiate Summit two weekends ago, I wanted to share four quick principles. (Posts from that seminar, “Big Ideas for Developed Campus Ministries,” begin here.)

As I’m writing this, I’m realizing that these principles are on my mind a lot

  1. I don’t ever want to use an idea just because it’s a good idea. Innovation that doesn’t match an actual purpose for this activity, event, ministry, etc., doesn’t belong.
  2. Inertia + one negative ≠ automatic no. Far too often, I’m tempted to throw out a promising new idea because I think of an initial, strong reason NOT to alter my present course. But if we’re going to invite new ideas to the party, we at least have to get to know them a little! I’ve seen lots of Christian ministers quickly dismiss a new idea simply because they immediately think of one good reason “it can’t be done.” Watch out for this: it’s more common than we probably realize, because it happens so fast.
  3. The best way to get more creative may be to get to know other ministries. If there’s anything it’s obvious I’m a fan of, it’s ministry collaboration. And nothing has enhanced my ability to come up with creative college ministry ideas more than learning about others’ ministry structures, activities, opportunities, and plans.
  4. God is the God of ideas. I should apply “In all your ways acknowledge Him” to even my brainstorming, but sometimes I forget. God cares about our ministries; He cares about our means. He’s more creative than I’ll ever be, so why do I forget to ask Him for His brilliance?

Written from Langhorne, PA

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