Reaching the Campus Tribes: 3 weeks in

If you’re new around here, Reaching the Campus Tribes is the FREE ebook I just published! The book discusses the major things I learned as I explored college ministry around the United States – on a yearlong road trip. Plus, there are plenty of cool pictures. (Download it here!)

But if you’re not new here, you might be wondering about the response to the book. So many people have played a part in making this book, and I want it to be something that helps us all. So I want to keep everybody posted on how things are going with “our” book! Later this week, I’ll give some ways you can help the book spread (if you wanna help).

It’s only been three weeks since the book went public, but it’s received an amazing response already. I’ve seen that positive response in two different ways: in the reaction of readers and in the way the book has spread.

the reaction

I have heard lots of really encouraging things from those who have read Reaching. Several people have told me they read through it in a day or two (even to the detriment of their other responsibilities)! And for many college ministers, the book doesn’t only give them new ideas, but it helps put into words ideas they’ve had all along. That’s really exciting for me.

Part of this positive reaction has involved people telling me different ways they plan to use the book. Not only do college ministers seem to be edified personally, but they have talked about using it with their student leaders, using it to help fundraise, using it to help their church get excited about college ministry…

One seminary professor even plans to use it as a text for his class!

the spread

Not only has the reaction seemed really strong, but the book also seems to have spread really well in a short time. Last week at the National Collegiate Summit (for Southern Baptist college ministers), it was exciting to see how many had the book, how many planned to read it, and how many had already read it.

The same is true for other college ministers. So far, I’ve gotten “write-ups” in blogs and web sites from people in Campus Crusade, InterVarsity, Ivy Jungle, CollegeLeader, Chi Alpha / Assemblies of God, Churches of Christ, Campus Outreach, and Southern Baptist college ministry. Hopefully those contacts will spread the word even further within their organizations! (You can see links to the specific pages in the sidebar at

And the best exposure yet came from the Center for Parent / Youth Understanding, who interviewed me just last week.

From everything I can tell, the book is slowly making its way from person-to-person and possibly moving in larger ways, too. (I have seen a few Twitter references to the book – those could be really powerful for helping it spread.) Hopefully more opportunities will arise for sharing with lots of people at once, but I’m really thankful for how things are already going.

But I have other hopes, as well – including hoping non-college-ministers (like pastors, parents, and other Christian leaders) will see the book and read the book. It was written with them in mind, and their involvement could change everything.

Written from Langhorne, PA

Road Trip #11 update:
yesterday’s T-shirt: the Grizzlies of Montana

church visits: Tenth Street Presbyterian (#6) and Epiphany Fellowship (#7)
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