CPYU interview, part 1: the big trip & 2 stories

Derek Melleby of the Center for Parent / Youth Understanding (CPYU) message-interviewed me this week, and they’ve posted the first half of that interview today! If you’re interested in the book and/or the yearlong trip, it’s worth a read.

Find the interview here.

(And I’m excited to introduce you to the CPYU Bookshelf blog and the CPYU organization if you weren’t familiar before.)

Derek asked great questions, so I got to write some things I haven’t specifically covered in this blog yet. By way of introduction, he first asked about why I took the yearlong trip. But then I also get to tell two stories that point to things I find encouraging (story 1) and discouraging (story 2) about the state of college ministry today.

I’m hoping to connect with the CPYU people when I’m in the Northeast (and that portion of the trip begins today!). I’ll let you know when part 2 is up.

Written from Herndon, VA (in the D.C. area)
yesterday’s T-shirt: the Rams tribe of Colorado State
campus visits: Liberty University (for the second day), University of Virginia (#7 for this trip)
click here to learn more about Road Trip #11)

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