one week down, five-ish to go

one week down…

A week ago today (it feels like a month ago), I departed Dallas on Road Trip #11. Since then, I have

  • visited five college campuses
  • attended a college ministry conference with 500+ ministers
  • gotten really encouraging feedback about my book
  • facilitated a ministry roundtable discussion
  • given a seminar
  • spent time discussing college ministry “officially” with three college ministers and with two groups of state leaders (but had all kinds of great conversations at the conference, too)
  • visited four church services
  • slept in two cities
  • and learned a lot about Twittering

For the full run-down, I plan to create a page listing all the explorations of Road Trip #11. I should be able to keep it pretty regularly updated, too.

…five-ish to go

But the real question is, what’s next?

I plan to leave today, heading east toward Virginia. As I take the next few days to get to Philly, I hope to make connections in Lynchburg and Charlottesville and possibly D.C. I should get to Philadelphia on Friday – but we’ll see. It’s a long time ’til Friday in Road Trip Time.

In a way, this past week was a prologue to the Northeast Exploration that will be the bulk of this trip. But it was one great prologue – even if it did leave me feeling exhausted and overwhelmed at points. There are few times more exciting than getting together with a bunch of my heroes, the guys and ladies who are duking it out among the campus tribes.

Written from Goodlettsville, TN
yesterday’s T-shirt: the Husky tribe of the University of Washington
campus visits: Vanderbilt University, Belmont University

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