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Yesterday I dumped some discussion and links regarding campus evangelism, based on a small group discussion I led the other day. Today, I want to finish that out by “dumping” a bit more that we didn’t get to talk about that day.

For motivating your students (and yourself) to share the gospel, there are few better encouragements than this video by atheist Penn Gillette, where he argues for Christian evangelism. I embedded this a while back, but it’s worth another look for sure. As I noted last time I posted this, it’s 5 minutes well spent, and I bet you show it to your student after you take a look.

One of the funniest instances of campus evangelism I heard about was college ministry lifer Mike Olejarz’s habit of dressing up like Screwtape to hand out copies of The Screwtape Letters on campus in Boston.

And speaking of counter-cultural, I wrote quite recently about using counter-cultural offerings to attract students to our message. The first posts on that are here and here, and hopefully I’ll continue that discussion soon.

One interesting method it seems like several campus ministries are using is involving non-Christians in non-traditional ways. Specifically, I’ve heard multiple times of ministries taking non-Christians on mission trips or “service trips.” One hope is that by spending a lengthy amount of time with Christian students, there will be opportunity for direct and indirect witnessing – or, at least, building relationships around a common serving experience.

Setting a high commitment bar may also allow for sharing the gospel. A Christian group I was in, because it required all entering members to be “interviewed” by the leaders, had the opportunity to share Jesus with any person who might not have previously accepted Christ. We regularly heard stories of people finding Christ right there in the interview as they sought to join this Christian club.

That fits with what Mark Dever said at the conference I’m attending. He noted that by using a “membership class” in his church, they have the opportunity to make the gospel clear to each person. While most of us won’t place many “entrance requirements” on our college ministries, there still may be times when some sort of “high bar” might allow us to share with students.

That’s all the info I’ve got to dump today.

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