campus evangelism (info dump!)

Yesterday morning I got the fun chance to lead a roundtable session at College Metro. But like many of those things (or at least the discussions I lead), we definitely ran out of time.

HOWEVER, one happy thing about having a blog is being able to dump all kinds of notes right here, for the benefit of those great guys who joined me – and anybody else.

So here you go: Today’s topic is collegiate evangelism methods. Discuss.

I started by noting that quite a few evangelism methods are alive and well. It’s easy to think that some “old school” methods – like random, “shotgun” evangelism – might have faded from campuses. I assure you, just about any method you can come up with is probably being used lots of places. (I’m not saying any of that is good or bad, just noting it!)

We discussed “big” methods, campus-wide events. These might include activities like the “Christian confessional” described in that one chapter of Blue Like Jazz. Or, these often involve organizing an event with an outside ministry. Some we discussed today are:

Often, these sorts of campus-wide events involve more than one ministry.

I noted the new emphasis on evangelism involving the “Big Story.” For this, start with this article about InterVarsity guy James Choung’s “Four Circles” approach. (Or see his site here.) Regardless of whether you like this emphasis or not, it seems to be a major trend. So it’s helpful to know about.

Some of the (seemingly) old-school methods we discussed were one-on-one evangelism on campus, holding an invitation at the end of a college ministry meeting, and campus preacher/evangelists. They’re all out there.

Two examples of the latter that I have seen in person are Brother Jed (official site, Wikipedia) and Tom Short (official site, Wikipedia). (The college ministers I have encountered tend to feel Short is far healthier in his presentation.) In the Wikipedia articles, there are plenty of reference links that can be interesting to look out; they include campus newspaper reports of the evangelists’ visits.

More tomorrow on evangelism and college ministry. [Here’s that post.]

Posted from Nashville.
Yesterday’s shirts: a T-shirt from the Bulldog tribe of Georgia, with a polo from the Aggie tribe of Texas A&M in the evening
Please be praying for me; I’ve been really worn out and a little overwhelmed with my busyness this week. I’m also speaking at Collegiate Summit tomorrow morning. Thanks, friends!


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