streaming and praying

I’m leaving this morning, headed to Memphis first. Then I’ll make my way to Nashville early Wednesday.

Apparently, there’s going to be live streaming of this Collegiate Summit‘s keynote addresses. This conference is the triennial gathering of “all” Southern Baptist college ministers (campus-based, church-based, and Christian colleges) in the U.S. (and, I think, Canada). While the conference won’t actually have all the college ministers from this largest Protestant denomination, there will still be hundreds of leaders there.

While I don’t know much about the live streaming, you can find it here: (HUGE hat tip to Jason Hew for sending this link)

You (and we) will get to enjoy:

  • David Platt (one of the best young pastor-speakers you’ve never heard)
  • Thom Rainer (prolific author and prez of LifeWay)
  • David Kinnaman (one of the authors of unChristian)
  • Jeff Iorg (unfortunately, he’s listed as “Jeff Lorg” on the streaming page; Dr. Iorg is a seminary prez and seems like a great, college-minister-loving guy)

Honestly, these should be really strong. Check them out if you get the chance.

prayin’: I’d also like to ask for your prayers during this trip. I’m so excited about this voyage, but it all depends on God providing opportunities, direction, wisdom, favor, encouragement, and chances to learn. I will send prayer requests along the way, but those six things pretty much cover the basics!

Meanwhile, here are specific requests for the next few days:

  • for scheduling – that I’d know what to plan, and that I’d leave flexible what I need to
  • for preparing to speak – I’ll lead a roundtable discussion sometime in there, and then I speak Saturday morning
  • for the drive today and tomorrow – something like 10 hours of driving, and the weather may not be cooperating

Thanks, friends. This will be fun. And don’t worry – for those who enjoy learning like I do, there will be plenty of college ministry learnin’ we’ll get to do!

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