joining college ministry road trip #11 (including twitter!)

As I blogged last week, I leave tomorrow for Road Trip #11, and this one’s a doozy! This will be the longest road trip since the BIG one, clocking in at 5 1/2 weeks (at least). From eyeing the route, I figure I will see at least 16 states… and besides all the college ministry explorations and college minister hang-outs, there are also 2 or 3 conferences to attend, too.

So with such a big adventure on my hands, I want you to come along – from the comfort of your very own home. Or computer. Or cell phone. Explore with me. Experience with me. Learn with me.

There will be pictures. There will be posts. [All the posts so far are here.]

And there will be something brand new: Tweets!

That’s right, I’ve been sucked in to the wonderful, wide world of Twitter! Except for a brief excursion into Twittering during my nine-church-service weekend last August, I’m brand new to this. (For those who don’t use Twitter, you can follow along without joining; read the note at the very bottom of this post.)

For those who are using Twitter, some notes:

  • @bensonhines is now live and tweeting.
  • Please be patient with me; I’m new here. In fact, if you have tips or feedback, I would LOVE to hear it. Special thanks to @mynameisbrandon and @rhetter for providing a crash course in this stuff.
  • While I’m at it, I made some tiny URLs for sharing the free ebook. Obviously, you can make your own or just point people to But here are some good ones: or (These are now listed at the book site, too.)

For everybody, all the ways to get in touch with me:

I’m really excited about this newest road trip, and I’m hoping to include you guys like never before! So here’s a run-down of ALL the ways to come along on this trip, from least-connected to most-connected:

  • Facebook group: Exploring College Ministry with Benson. I don’t send messages very often; during the trip, I might send 2 or 3 schedule updates to members of this group. (But remember, this is still the BEST way to stay posted on the most important updates for this whole project – like new road trips, new books, and other big news.)
  • Facebook status updates. While I don’t treat this as a major point of connection, I probably will change my Facebook status occasionally to reflect the twists and turns of this adventure. So, as always, I’d love for you to befriend me!
  • This blog. As usual, there will be a post every day (or close to it), so take a look whenever you’d like. Many of the posts over the next weeks will be directly related to the trip, as I discuss (and show via pictures) its adventures and learnings. (For all the posts related to the trip so far, click here.)
  • Twitter: @bensonhines
  • In person. Of course, if I get to cross your path on this trip, let’s try to hang out! Just contact me and let me know.

So there you have it! I hope you’ll join me.

For those unfamiliar with Twitter, you can still take a look at my regular updates whenever you’d like. Just go to Each update has a date and time, so you can watch as my days progress!


  1. Hey Ben,

    I’ll be following your trip. Sounds like fun. You might want to check you tiny url from It was a broken link for me. I’m going now to tweet about your eBook and then on to studying some Hebrew. Hope you have a great trip.

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