road trip #11 (and how i see the world)

They say one’s worldview affects everything.

A while back, I received two great opportunities to speak about what I’ve learned about the national college ministry scene. The first is a chance next week to discuss “Big Ideas for Developed Campus Ministries” for the national triennial meeting of Southern Baptist college ministers called Collegiate Summit. I’ll be sharing some of the unknown but potentially-awesome methods and models I learned during my trip around the country (and since). (I’ll also be attending and leading a discussion at the College Metro portion, earlier in the week. Fun stuff!)

The second speaking gig is an awesome opportunity to share about national college ministry to a group of high school counselors from Christian high schools. (Some admissions people from Christian colleges might attend, too.) That event is the NACCAP national conference at Cedarville University in early June.

[to follow along on this trip, read this post]

When road trip opportunities like these arise, I get to scratching my head and rubbing my chin and pondering what college ministry exploring scheme might make the most sense this time.

So here’s where my worldview comes in.

Here’s the actual Eastern United States.


As I continued to think about the present situation, this is how I began to see the world:

benmapInstead of taking two trips nearly back-to-back to Nash-Vegas and Ohio (and coming ALL the way back to Dallas in between), why not take the opportunity to work my way into the shadowy college ministry frontier that is New England?

By “shadowy,” I mean I haven’t gotten to explore the campus mission fields up there nearly as much as I’d like to. And that area is certainly a “frontier” for college ministry. The happy, unshadowy Boston on the map represents the fact that I did get to explore in and around that amazing place and make some great friends there during the yearlong trip; that part of the itinerary can be found here. Hopefully after these five weeks, I’ll be able to add many more smileys to my worldview. (Or something like that…)

So between speaking opportunities, for pretty much the entire month of May I’ll be learning what I can in various places around New England!

And I want you to come along. Before I leave this Tuesday, I’ll be posting how you can stay updated on the explorations, adventures, and insights from this trip. [Here’s that post.] This will be my longest road trip since the yearlong one, and it’s going to be a blast. So I plan to work extra hard to bring you with me, through posts, pictures, and hopefully much more.

Those in the Facebook Group already knew about this trip. If you’re interested in staying updated (with only occasional updates, I promise), you should join Exploring College Ministry with Benson!

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