excerpt #5: the road to a road trip

Reaching the Campus Tribes (A First Inquiry) goes public tomorrow!

Until then, here’s another excerpt from the ebook. This one comes from Chapter 2, “Exploring the Campus Tribes.” While I certainly didn’t belabor my own history in the book, I was able to describe briefly in that chapter how I ended up on a yearlong college ministry research-road-trip in the first place.

Here’s a portion from the middle of that story (from pages 12 and 13, to be exact):

So when church leaders decided to defund the College Minister position at the end of that school year, I was not too surprised. Although I recognized the advances we had made and saw a bright future for our ministry if we would continue to push forward, it was hard to blame the leaders for their decision. Who had trained them in the unique nuances of college ministry? What books or leaders proclaimed its importance? Then why would they evaluate college ministry any differently than youth ministry or the other Christian Education ministries in our church?

what came next
After years of ministering to college students and connecting with other ministry leaders, I already knew how unappreciated and misunderstood college ministry is among American Christians. This newest experience simply made the issues even more real to me, because I too had felt the sting of these problems.

I began to ask God if there might be something I could do right then, as a 28-year-old single guy, to help college ministry grow stronger as an entire “field of ministry.” I had noticed that Christians’ interest in college ministry seemed to be growing; could I somehow help stoke that fire?

It was my friend Steven who first threw out the idea of taking a road trip to see college ministry in action across the nation. I scoffed a bit at first, but the truth is, that suggestion wasn’t as out-of-the-blue as it might seem…

Download the book for free at www.reachingthecampustribes.com!

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  1. davidisms

    I am very excited about this book! I downloaded it today from another blog. I am in the works of starting a college ministry and have been back and forth on different ways to go about it. I have been in college ministry for about 5 years (church-based) and took a break but still have the passion to get back out there! I’d love to connect with you soon. Even after reading the first few pages about approaching college ministry like missions has got my thinking going.

    David Patrick

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