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Sorry for the rather late notice, but I’m glad I paid attention to this event in time.

Some Campus Crusade guys and gals are participating in a “blogference” this Monday through Wednesday – but it’s open to everybody (I checked).

For all the details, check out the Campus Crusade Blog-Ference Facebook group.

The topics to be discussed include:

What is a blogference, you ask? From what I can tell, various “hosts” will start each day with a blog post to get the ball rollin’. Then – through comments, I guess? – discussion ensues!

I honestly did ask the organizer, Brian Barela, about outsiders participating, and he not only okayed it, he said they want more outside involvement.

But this is also a pretty cool chance to play the fly-on-the-wall role for some “insider” Crusade discussions. Obviously, the last topic listed above will have lots of Crusade-chatter, but I imagine with a large number of Cru participants, we’ll get to see the wisdom, creativity, ideas, frustrations, hopes, and other learnings from the most prominent college ministry in America.

Why not take that chance? Obviously, since it’s a blogference, there are multiple levels of participation – from reading and writing actively during the 3 days, to just reading along, to catching up after all is said and done.

In any case, it’s a great (and FREE) opportunity. I hope you’ll join me.

Written from Fort Worth, Texas (getting home from Road Trip #10 today)

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  1. thanks for spreading the word on the blogference Benson!

    YES! for those of you who aren’t sure if you can/should/are smart enough/etc to comment, please let me encourage you that you are.

    it drives me nuts to be at conferences with other campus ministers who have wisdom, expertise, experience that could refine my leadership and make my ministry more Chirst-honoring, but not be able to talk and dialogue about the content.

    i started the blogference to facilitate an environment for that to happen. the more comments the better the discussion, the more we all learn!

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