one shining moment

The NCAA tournament came to an end the other night (a little anticlimactically), but one of the best annual facets came after the final buzzer.

CBS’s annual “One Shining Moment” video montage does an incredible job of capturing the tourney and its significance. Yes, I know it’s “just sports,” but I honestly do believe this tournament in particular shows the awesomeness of the wide, wide world of colleges – which just happen to be our mission fields, the tribes we love.

So if you’re a college minister, why wouldn’t the first 20 seconds of the “One Shining Moment” video take your breath away?

We’ve got to remember that what we’re a part of is quite dramatic. The stakes are high. The dangers are many. The potential is huge. But the window is small. Which college student do these lines not fit?

But time is short
and the road is long
in the blinking of an eye
ah that moment’s gone

Not all students experience the story, the contest, the moment like they should. Until that changes, we have coaching and cheering to do.

Again, you can download my article connecting the Tourney with college ministry if you want. Hopefully it’s inspirational. Regardless, I’d encourage you to watch the “One Shining Moment” video with the eyes of a collegiate missionary. (The lyrics can be found here, too.)

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