road trip #10: checkpoint

It has been a phenomenal and BUSY trip. Here’s a quick update, as well as a look ahead at the plans for the rest of the road trip (and some ways you can pray if you’d like).

what’s to come

I’ll leave Los Angeles today, headed toward Lubbock, Texas. Hopefully I can keep a slightly slower pace than on the way here. That experience seems to have worn me out more than I thought it did; I don’t know if there’s been any day I’ve felt fully rested.

I look forward to hanging out at Texas Tech (in Lubbock) Wednesday and Thursday. Surprisingly, I’ve never been to that campus, even though I’m from Texas and even lived in West Texas for awhile. It’s good for me to remedy that situation!

what it’s been

The trip really has been awesome so far. I’ve had at least 8 great sit-down meetings with college ministry-related people, 2 church visits Sunday morning, at least 4 campus visits (am I forgetting any?), plus all those connections during the College Leader Regional last Tuesday. AND I’ve had some great time with the friends I’m staying with. All ingredients of a great college ministry exploration.

Part of the reason for the exhaustion is that in the “cracks,” the spaces between all that activity, I’ve been working furiously on the ebook. Things are looking good, but it wears me out sometimes.

ways to pray

I’m planning to find a motel early on the trip today and CATCH UP. Not only do I need to catch up on sleep, I also need to catch up on messages (sorry for anyone who’s tried to contact me in the past week) and on the ebook. Oh – and I need to catch up on the NCAA tournament!

So please pray:

  • For an incredibly fruitful time between today and Saturday. Pray for great ministry visits and interviews in Lubbock.
  • For catching up on sleep.
  • For a great (and safe) drive. Road trips can be awesome times of prayer and thought and relaxation and fun. But they aren’t automatically that way.
  • For finishing my book well. I’m excited about it.

Thanks, friends, for joining with me in exploring college ministry.

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