why a youth institute provides collegiate help

Yesterday I discussed Fuller Youth Institute a bit, but that brings up a question for us college ministry types:

Should college ministers care about something called a “Youth Institute”?


Here are two great reasons college ministers should pay close attention to what FYI is doing and finding:

The College Transition Project

FYI’s 3-year study of high school graduates as they transition to college has already produced and attracted multiple resources. I encourage you to spend some time devouring some of the links at the College Transition Project page.

Crossover, crossover, crossover

As college ministers, it’s not uncommon to try to adapt Young Adult resources – from teaching materials to worship services to leaders – for use in collegiate settings. But it’s not too often that we think of Youth materials being helpful to our work in college ministry, too.

Honestly, most Youth Ministry resources wouldn’t cross over well to collegiate environments. But FYI is producing research and resources that truly connect with what we do – by helping us understand our students, our work, and our opportunities better. When Fuller Youth Institute studies students’ use of alcohol during and after high school… obviously that pertains to us, too. When people like Chap Clark discuss how hurt so many youth are… that applies to us as those youth grow up and enter our ministries. And so on. So while you may not think first about looking to Youth Ministry for valuable crossover materials, this looks like one BIG exception to that rule.

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