arrived. basically.

Arrived. Basically.

As I’m writing this before going to sleep Monday night (really, Tuesday morning), I’m not far from Saddleback Church, where tomorrow morning’s thing will be. That will be a good way to kick off the Los Angeles portion of this trip! It should be a neat chance to hang out with some church-based college ministers from around the Los Angeles area (or maybe further – I dunno).

Monday was quite a day. My time at UNM in the morning was phenomenal (I met with 3 ministers total!), and I’ll hopefully get to share some of that soon.

Then an incredibly long drive to California. I almost never drive that far in a day, and that includes during the yearlong trip. But it was good. It’s good to be stretched through craziness.

I’m exhausted, and normal sleep won’t happen until Tuesday night.

The opportunities to connect with some cool people this week and next are shaping up well. I’m excited to be here.

I need to go to sleep.

Written from Ontario, California

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