home stretch

For many college ministries, the time after Spring Break can be a bit anticlimactic. For those in the home stretch, this next month can feel somewhat… wasted? inconsequential? boring? Maybe I’ll just stick with “anticlimactic,” and you can fill in the most appropriate adjective for your situation.

But April isn’t that way for our Quarter System friends at all.

Remember, there are a huge number of college ministries – especially on the West Coast, but dotted elsewhere around the U.S. – that may be just beginning their Spring Quarter. April is full-tilt for them.

For example, UCLA’s Spring Quarter is March 30th (today) through June 12th!

Now it’s time for the break-down:

First, we should pray for our Quarter System brethren while we’re at it. Even if our semesters are winding down, their quarters are just getting started!

Second, if you’re a semester-based college ministry leader, here are some big questions:

  • What if you were in the situation those Quarter System guys are in? What could you do this month if you had to?
  • Better yet, what if your campus awkwardly decided to split the school year into nine segments, each five weeks long? What if all you had each “semester” was 5 weeks? What would you do during April if you had to do college ministry that way?

Weird situations have a funny way of making us really creative. Go ahead – brainstorm. What if the next month was all you had? What ministry could you do? What steps toward your purposes could you take? What small pieces of your strategy could you accomplish? What students could you serve?

When you’re done brainstorming, one last thing:

  • So of those ideas, why can’t you do (at least) some of them this month?

Written from Albuquerque, NM, near the University of New Mexico

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