the upside of underfunded college ministry

My dad recently pointed me to a fact I didn’t realize:

What Color is Your Parachute?, an incredibly influential book over the past FOUR decades, started as a result of underfunded college ministry…

Here’s part of an article from Fast Company:

But as it turned out, [Richard] Bolles himself was one of the bailers. As an ordained Episcopal priest, he was canon pastor of Grace Cathedral in San Francisco. But he lost his job in a budget crunch. He then landed an administrative position with the Episcopal Church, meeting with campus ministers at colleges across the country. He discovered that many of these ministers shared his predicament: Their jobs were in peril, and they had no idea what to do.

So Bolles did some research and wrote a 168-page guide to help the campus ministers he was supervising find jobs and change careers. Stuck for a title, he remembered his wacky question from two years earlier. He self-published the book in 1970.

That question was, “What color is your parachute?” and the rest is history! (Read the article here.)

So one upside of underfunded college ministry… you might write a bestseller!

(I watched God use defunded college ministry in my own life to get me to take a yearlong road trip… you can read a bit about that in the upcoming ebook.)

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