aggressive progress for a great campus mission

Continuing from yesterday

Building our best campus mission requires that we be serious about making aggressive progress.

By “progress,” I don’t simply mean numerical growth – although that can certainly result from becoming an even better college ministry (while some ministries will lose attendance as they grow better!).

There are many other ways a college ministry might make progress:

  • impacting students more deeply
  • becoming a healthier ministry
  • more creatively impacting the campus
  • better reaching the entire mission field (including under-reached student groups, faculty, administration members, and even the surrounding community)
  • better preparing students for life after college
  • better complementing and cooperating with other campus ministries
  • and so on

Because we do face a rapidly changing audience (with nearly complete turnover every four to five years), college ministries may need regular major adjustments – not only to progress as a ministry, but even simply to keep from declining in our impact.

That’s why I believe that from the beginning of a college ministry, its leaders and supporters should plan on a lifetime of strategic modifications in response to changing students, a changing campus, a growing understanding of the tribe, and God’s work within the ministry and its leaders.

A lifetime. Of strategic. Modifications.

That’s part of how we build our best campus mission. We keep at the building.

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