a passion for progress

We’re close to finishing up the Ten Big Ideas series, and since we’ve been looking at evaluation, I want to remind us of an important principle I mentioned early on.

Someone asked me recently what I think makes “a successful college ministry.”

While plenty of people who can answer that better than I can, I do have one thought. I told him that even though it’s simplistic, my best definition of college ministry success is doing the best we can with what we’ve got.

(Read that whole post here.)

The best evaluation for each college ministry is to determine whether we are doing the best we can do with the situation we have. As we seek God’s wisdom, He may very well lead us to small niches within a campus or incredibly large numbers of students. Whether “large,” “small,” or somewhere in between, we must simply make sure that we are actively progressing toward having the best ministry we possibly can.


It is this area – progressing as a campus mission – in which even the largest college ministries seem to struggle. I think it’s easy for developed college ministries to lose their “passion for progress” and no longer place a high priority on regularly improving and gaining “momentum” from year to year.

As in missions around the world, it is absolutely necessary that college ministries make aggressive progress to build our best campus missions.

More soon (probably tomorrow, unless I get distracted). [Here’s that post.]

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