ebook end game

Could you pray for me this week?

While the public release of the ebook is still a few weeks away, I’ll be finalizing quite a bit of it this week.

If you’re unfamiliar with the ebook I’m writing (or want a refresher), here you go!

I’m designing an ebook to share the major conclusions drawn from my yearlong research trip. This book isn’t the end of what I have to share – far from it; it’s the beginning, but it’s a pretty important beginning.

If the ebook spreads – beyond college ministers to pastors, parents, and others who need to value our field more – this could pave the way for lots of changes and lots more priority given to college ministry.

(If you’d like to see a preview of the very unique format, keep reading…)

I want as many people as possible to have access to this thing, so it will be very, very FREE.

So please, if you have the opportunity, pray:

  • That the book would turn out exactly how it’s supposed to.
  • That I would have wisdom, time, and stamina to finish.

A couple more things:

basketball article (and ebook prebook): Some of you may have missed it because of Spring Break, but I posted a short, picture-filled article connecting March Madness and college ministry. (Download it here.)

You may find it encouraging – and you may be able to pass it on. Not only does the article remind people of the wonders of college ministry, but it also serves as a little preview for the upcoming ebook, which, like the article, is chock full o’ campus pictures.

cali trip: As you may have noticed on the Schedule, I’ve been hoping to take a trip to Southern California pretty soon. It’s now looking like that probably will happen! I’ll update you later this week on Road Trip #10.


  1. Hey Ben!

    Great news about the ebook. I look forward to reading it. I will be sure to keep in prayer that the Lord speak through your work.

    Thanks also for the input you gave. This Spring we offered a Personal Retreat Package to 5 campus ministers across the country. Since it was a pilot program we sent it to the OK and TX conventions to advertise and to college ministers that attended Glorieta Student Week. We hope that we might be able to continue this and offer more campus ministers a chance to relax and refresh while exposing them to what our campus has to offer.

  2. Thanks, Jason!

    I saw that about the GGBTS retreat – I guess because I had been at Glorieta! What a cool idea! I hope it went/goes well for those college ministers up there.

    Thanks for praying, too. That means a lot.

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