the most of every opportunity: spring break edition

I had an idea last night that I really like; I’m bummed it’s just now coming into my head. But I’m hopeful that God might use it in somebody’s ministry… now or later!

What if you invited local high school seniors to your ministry during their Spring Break?

Regardless of whether you’re a church-based college ministry, a campus-based ministry, or even a Christian college, we can all do our part in helping transition high schoolers into college spirituality. Plus, some of those local gals and guys might be staying in town – what better way to introduce your ministry?

If you advertise this in the right way, you might find high school students (those who didn’t get to do something cool for Spring Break) truly interested in visiting your large group meeting, chapel, social event, etc., during their break. You might even find local youth ministers willing to advertise for you – especially if they’re taking a break during Spring Break (as some do).

One of our best opportunities for brainstorming creative methods comes by zeroing in on unique moments. Spring Break is a unique moment – not only for present college students, but for future students, too.

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