future college ministry explorations

It’s been interesting to watch as “exploring college ministry” has become descriptive of my time since the big road trip. Continued chances to take multi-state road trips was a development I didn’t know was coming. But it’s been a blast to keep exploring – and to keep on sharing what I’m learning.

And when I’ve taken trips, it has definitely paid off to let people know where I’m headed. God has blessed me with some awesome connections that way during the last two years.

So I wanted to update you on my upcoming trips! God has recently been providing some cool chances to share what I’ve learned in several speaking engagements coming up this year, and I may have other chances to travel, too.

To help keep everybody updated, I’ve added the Schedule page at the top. There, you can see my schedule – things I’ll be speaking at, events I’ll be attending, and some potential trips, as well.

Remember, I often turn a single objective into a full, multi-state, multi-week road trip – to further explore college ministry all over the place! So once you check out the calendar, if you’ve got ideas for my road trips, want to connect with me, or have questions, let me know! Plus, several of you guys and gals might be at some of the events I’m headed to. Keep me posted!

As I have more details about trips, I’ll post them here. But you’ll now be able to see an outline of future activity at the Schedule page.

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