sixty-four: a quick college ministry essay

Today, a brief essay for you guys to read (and share)! It’s a neat look into how the NCAA basketball tourney should inspire Christians to minister to college students. If you get a chance, please take a second to read it – it’s really short, and it’s got some neat pictures. Plus, it’s made to pass along to anybody else who might enjoy it!

Sixty-four: A Vision Trip to Portland. (It’s probably easiest just to right-click and save to your computer. If the file won’t open, you can download Adobe Reader for free here.)

But here’s the bonus… this essay is in the unique format of the soon-to-be-released ebook! There’s also new info about that upcoming book on the last page. So if you download the essay, not only do you get encouraged by its contents (hopefully), but you also:

  • Get to see the setup for this upcoming book
  • Can tell me any layout or other changes I should make before releasing the book
  • Find out new info about the book

Plus, this essay is free and easy to share. If you pass it along, not only will you be spreading the word about the wonders of college ministry, you’ll also be helpfully highlighting the upcoming FREE ebook. A win-win-win. Or something like that.

Really, this essay is for you guys. Use it however you want, and I really do hope it’s a good read. Anything “extra” you want to do to pass it along, point people to the upcoming college ministry book, or other things is so appreciated.

Thanks a bunch for sticking around, friends. I really believe we’re all in this together!

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